A while ago I went to down to l.a. to celebrate a close friend’s 21st birthday. Let’s just say it was prettttty freakin’ worth it. We went to this restaurant called The Gorbals (owned by Top Chef winner Ilan Hall) and wined and dined on fabulous malbec, allagash black, smoked applesauce latkes and bacon wrapped matzoh balls. I’m drooling all over the place just thinking about it. The location of this place is actually kind of hidden so unless you know where you’re going, you most likely won’t know it’s there. Once you walk in it’s like stepping into someone’s classy basement kitchen, complete with a bar and subtle yet tasteful decor. The place is nothing too flashy but that’s only cause their main focus is on creating flashy and tasty food (which I have no qualms with). My favorite picks from the menu are the Bánh mì poutine and Broccoli, soy, chilies & vinegar (AHH SO GOOD).


  Yeah..that’s chicken skin in that sandwich



Yes, this is half eaten because I forgot to take the picture before proceeding to stuff my face




The food is served tapas style which BASICALLY means if you’re hungry, you’re gonna be throwing down for like 20 small (but SO GOOD) dishes…especially if you’re drunk and with a big group…which just so happened to be the case for me and my friends. Thank the gorbal gods for my friend’s boyfriend because the bill went straight to him (score). It was totes worth the 6 hour trip…especially cause it was free, but mostly because it was delicious.


om nomz,

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  1. Lainey says:

    I definitely heard of this place because I was a huge fan of Ilan’s when he was on Top Chef. Love food pics. It always makes me hungry though. I’ll definitely have to try it out.

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