It was exactly four years ago that I discovered the delicious dream pop sensation that is Beach House. I’ve been heavily lagging on actually catching them live, but thank the music gods they had a sold out two night stint at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. So enough lagging, let’s go on with the show, shall we?





Dustin Wong: Looping guitars and other instruments have all been done before, but not this well. Wong would start off with a simple melody and then 20 or so loops after, the song would grow into a wild behemoth of radiant sound. It didn’t even seem like he was aware anyone was in the theatre with him, Wong played as if he had the whole theatre to himself to do whatever the fuck he wanted. Crazily wailing away on both his guitar and vocal chords, I can honestly say I deeply enjoyed watching Wong voraciously sink inside his own music.¬†Watching this dude was nothing short of a religious experience.



Beach House: Sigh. You guys. Words are obsolete when it comes to describing the magic I felt when listening to this band live. Maybe Victoria Legrand’s voice had hallucinogenic powers…or maybe it was the handful of secondhand illicit smoke that I inhaled, all I know is that watching Beach House live is like sending your musical soul on a bullet train straight to enlightenment. It might be easy for someone who isn’t a fan to say that all their songs sounded the same by regurgitating dreamy guitars and reverb heavy vocals. But the shift to and from songs was actually quite subtle, it all melted into each other and came together to form a beautifully captivating set. If their music wasn’t already¬†mesmerizing¬†enough, their set design that included four striped blocks with rotating fans that brilliantly cut and multiplied the stage lights, would surely put you in a deep blissful trance that you’ll never want to wake up from.






I must add that I’ve never been more attracted to a head full of hair before. As Legrand’s face was almost always hidden by her giant beautiful mane, I had no choice but to stare at it in awe (great voice and great hair? I’m a little jealous).


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Favorite songs: Gila, Silver Soul


Favorite moments: Performing my all-time favorite track, Gila, and Legrand singing subtle variances on the melody. Oh man. Dead.


It’s a vision, complete illusion, yeah,




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