It was about time I popped my El Rey Theatre cherry and I’m so stoked I did it with Dragonette. They definitely rocked my world this past Tuesday night, and there was some really nice foreplay action with Frank + Derol and The Knocks. I couldn’t have asked for a  better night.





Frank + Derol: I had previously blogged about digging their song “Barely Love You Too” and I was sincerely hoping that it wasn’t the best that they could offer. After watching the pop duo jam out their first song on stage, I knew they had something good going on. Although I do slightly feel like a 16 year old again when listening to them, but that might just be attributed to the fact that the sound production/vocals all sound so very young. Hopefully in time they’ll grow into it. I mean, lead singer and keyboardist Codi Caraco has a voice that’s as smooth as butter on a hot roll. And did I mention that she’s also freakin’ adorable? Even if Frank + Derol sucked, at least they could get by with good looks and ridiculously charming smiles.


Fun fact? Miley Cyrus’ big sister, Brandi Cyrus, is the guitarist. She kept it strictly profesh with 4 guitar changes. My bad, Brandi.







The Knocks: This electro duo was the perfect choice to get things hyped up for Dragonette. The Knocks dropped sick samples of Major Lazer and other electro acts while simultaneously configuring their synths and hammering it down duo drum style. Although I blame El Rey for the sucky mic audio, I still found myself dancing along to each song. Who needs to hear coherent words anyway? We’re here for the beats. But then again, maybe it was the two $9 IPAs talking. Regardless, I had a great time.





Dragonette: The pictures below cannot even begin to contain the insane fireball that is Martina Sorbara. This girl can bring the world to its knees on looks and dance moves alone. It’s just an added bonus that Sorbara has one of the most distinct singing voices out there, and that she can use it like nobody’s business. Team Dragonette pistol-whipped the crowd into a frenzied dancing mess. I don’t think there was one moment during their whole set when I wasn’t moving at least 4-5 joints in my body.



Waiting for Dragonette to beam down UFO style




Looking swag as hell





Kudos to whoever approved this blind-inducing light show…because it’s EPIC. I was crying visually impaired tears of joy.





 Knocking out the crowd like it ain’t no thang



Thanks Martina, you are a dancing God amongst us mere mortals.

Best moments: 
- Dancing along to hits such as “Hello,” “Pick Up the Phone,” “Fixin to Thrill.”
- Listening to Martina serenade us during the encore with an acapella performance of


Best song: Although it may be super un-hipster of me to say, I don’t care, the hits were the best songs. The entire crowd was just so friggin’ into it, you can’t help but enjoy the hell out of yourself.


Fixin for Dragonette, 



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