I don’t think it’s even remotely possible to put our love for HAIM into words. You know how everyone felt about The Beatles in their heyday? Yeah, it’s kinda like that, but turn it up a few levels. Days Are Gone has been on the market for a solid 3 weeks now, and the hype still hasn’t died down. And last week’s show at The Casbah was so epically epic that we just had to combine an album review and show review all into one. We aren’t sure that there’s even enough room in one blog for everything we want to say. But hey, that’s not going to stop us from trying…



First off, we would like to glorify The Casbah as the most amazing venue ever in the history of most amazing venues. It’s a small bar with a pretty good selection of beer on tap…and the stage is as tall as a 24 oz beer can (WUT). We were one person away from basically being on stage, we could literally feel every hit of the drum, every Michael Jackson-esque exhale from Danielle’s mouth, every wink of Alana’s, and of course, Este’s awesome bass face (which in itself has more stage presence than most bands these days). We haven’t rocked out this hard in way too long, and we don’t think we’ve fangirled this hard either. They melted all the bones in our bodies with a face-melting jam sesh of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Oh Well’ and their signature drum finale.






Other highlights include Este’s choreographed movements during the chorus of ‘Go Slow’, all three sisters screaming ‘Let Me Go’ and thus making it the new anthem to everything that is heartbreaking…and Danielle’s amazing panty-dropper guitar solo. Their limbs and bodies (and oh god that hair) moved faster than the crowd could even keep up with. We literally do not care what anyone else says, their songs are just as amazing live, because let’s face it, we like our shows fast, hard, and stripped down. Listening to them live is literally the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Plus we got a setlist, so there’s really nothing more we could ask for.











Ok now onto Days Are Gone. We want you to forget everything you’ve ever read about them anywhere else (unless we’re on the same page. Then please leave a comment so we can be BFFs.) I think I’ve read every comparison you can possibly make on their stage presence, their music, their influences…trust, you can quiz me. So let’s get one thing clear: these girls are incomparable. They rock harder than any band we’ve seen in a long, long time. Their lyrics are soulful and relatable, and their music transcends any one genre of music, because they’re creating an entirely new sound. (Argue with me, I dare you.) Look, we’re all for free speech and opinion, but not one review has commended these girls the way they deserve to be. So we’re giving them their rightful standing ovation and if I have to be here all night, then so be it.



We always say the best albums are when every song can be your favorite song ever at one point in time. Days Are Gone definitely fits the bill. To be honest, we were a little afraid that their singles would be the only hits of their album. Thank god that wasn’t the case. The entire album flows so incredibly well together, it’s like one long jam session with the three sisters. 
They did, however, re-record the vocals for ‘Forever’ and ‘Go Slow’, two songs that we fell in love with early on. Although we totally understand this was done because Danielle seems like she’s gone through vocal puberty since 2012. We’ll take her lower and more sensual voice over anything, any day.


All-Time Favorite tracks (right now):
‘My Song 5′
‘Go Slow’


Did we mention Este and Danielle have a past that rivals Robin Sparkles? Yeah, so..



Haim Forever, and we mean seriously, Forever,
Teresa & Melissa


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