Ways to Wear: Kimonos

July 17th, 2014 | Style, Fashion


So, we’re basically obsessed with kimonos. They are the perfect summertime cover-up for when you want a little something extra without packing on bulky layers. Whether it’s belted over a babydoll dress or even a swim-cover up, kimonos and summertime go together better than Nutella and strawberries. We’re a huge fan of looking effortlessly amazing, even when we’ve put more effort than we’d admit into our outfit that day, and kimonos always put out that easy, boho vibe. Here are a few of our favorite ways to wear this little piece of summer perfection:



1. Ladylike Details: A hint of lace or embroidery is the perfect way to balance out edgy pieces like ripped jeans or darker hues. It’s also the perfect complement for the days you’re feeling more feminine and are all about pastels and dresses. Our favorite thing about kimonos with ladylike details? They are minimal enough go with EVERYTHING! Kimonos with lace or chiffon are the ultimate finishing touch to all your killer outfits.


Wear it with: Jeans and tee, dresses, prints, solids… the possibilities are endless! We are obsessed with a basic tee in a neutral hues, printed pants, and a lace kimono.



2. Longer Lengths: Whether you’re tall or petite, a longer length kimono can add a boho goddess vibe to all of your outfits. Long kimonos are probably one of the few things that covers you from almost head to toe without overpowering your outfit or weighing you down, so needless to say we’re stocking our closets with them.


Wear it with: If your kimono skims the floor, you could pair it with shorter hemlines like cutoff shorts, a mini dress, or skirt, or you could evoke some major 1970′s vibes by wearing a floor-length kimono and wide leg patterned pants or jeans.



3. Bold Prints: There are few things we love more than a kimono in a cool print. Whether it’s floral or a geometric pattern, a kimono in a bold pattern is the easiest way to achieve maximum easy casual style. With a breezy cover-up this cute, your basic jeans and tee just got a major update.


Wear it with: When it comes to kimonos in bold prints, try layering them over denim shorts, a breezy top, booties or sandals…AKA your new summer uniform.



Now that you’re an expert when it comes to all things kimonos, shop our collection of kimonos and bring your fashion game to a whole new level.


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