Choosing a boozy beverage is hard, but choosing an outfit is harder. Once you’ve got your signature drink on lockdown, we have the perfect ensemble to party in. Choose the answer you think matches you best, and discover what you should order at the bar tonight and don’t worry – we’ve got a killer ensemble with your name on it.


1. What is your ideal drinking location?

A. Backyard BBQ.

B. Loungin’ poolside.

C. A trendy speakeasy.

D. Anywhere.


2. You would love to have a  drink with….

A. The cast of How I Met Your Mother.

B. Lucille Bluth of Arrested Development.

C. Peggy Olsen or Joan Holloway of Mad Men.

D. Sal Paradise or Dean Moriarty from Kerouac’s On the Road.



3. Which of the following words or phrases sneak into your vocabulary when tipsy?

A. Just a lot of “WOOOOOOOOO’s.”

B. “You’re like, my best friend” along with verbalizing abbreviations that should only be used online or through text. LOL, BRB.

C. “I think I was born in the wrong decade.”



4. Drinking makes you a better…

A. Participant in drinking games.

B. Conversationalist.

C. Comedian.

D. Dancer.



5. What is your favorite term for the word “drunk”?

A. Hammered.

B. Trashed.

C. Intoxicated.

D. Wasted.


6. Favorite drinking snack?

A. Anything with a hint of salt.

B. A fruit and cheese plate.

C. A filet mignon served with a red wine shallot reduction sauce. Medium rare.

D. Taco Bell.



7. The night is winding down. Who do you have your eye on?

A. The person that recommended the 90 Minute Dogfishead IPA. They obv have great taste.

B. The person that is dressed to kill.

C. The person that took an interest in your love for the finer things.

D. The person working the drive-thru window. CAN I TRY ON YOUR HEADSET?








Mostly A’s: Beer is your alcoholic beverage of choice. From laidback parties to bar hangouts, you exude effortless cool. Whether your mellow brew of choice is a craft selection or a simple domestic lager, you’re definitely a down-to-earth partygoer that knows how to have a good time. A beer-drinking babe can pull off any kicks like detailed flats or sky-high heels. The choice is yours!


Mostly B’s: Merlot, Chardonnay, or a sweet Moscato is your ideal libation! A Sunday brunch or girl’s night out with you requires a classic bottle of wine. You claim that you collect corks for your weekend DIY’s, but we all know it’s really cause you’re a classy gal that loves a mellow glass of wine at the end of a busy day… but let’s be real – who doesn’t? We already know wine and cheese make an excellent pair, but try sipping your reds and whites in a flowing maxi.


Mostly C’s: A classic Martini is your signature cocktail. This robust drink – shaken, not stirred, of course – is a timeless drink for sophisticated palettes that love to party. You probably love Mad Men and The Great Gatsby more than most people, so naturally you need a dress with a hint of sparkle and shine to complement your exquisite taste.


Mostly D’s: Let’s break out the tequila! You love to have a good time and ensure that everyone else around you does, too. While you’re a fan of a yummy Tequila Sunrise or classic Margarita, you never underestimate the power of a high-quality shot of tequila. And that power being that anything the DJ plays becomes your song. Hit the scene in a cute pair of ankle boots and a mini dress for optimal dancin’ attire. You go, girl.


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