Winter Bucket List

December 5th, 2013 | My 2Sence, Awesomeness

Chilly temps are here to stay, but the wintry season is no reason to be blue. Sure, who isn’t daydreaming about a tropical escape as the calendar inches closer to December, but every cold front is just one more excuse to spike the eggnog and wrap up in an oversized grandpa-worthy cardigan. Here are the ten things on our winter bucket list that every TS girl should do this season, so start crossing them off one by one:

1. Ice skating date: Sure, you could go for a spin around the rink. Alternately, skip the skates and head straight for the hot chocolate that typically follows time on the ice. And if you’re feeling Scrooge-like, hover around the edge and watch couples fall to their icy shame.

2. Afternoon tunes: Escaping the cold in a local record store is a must. Wander in the aisles, peruse countless album covers, search for new music discoveries, and flirt with the staff. Digital downloads are boring, vinyl is forever.

3. Cabin fever: Think road trips and adventure are just for summer? Think again. Besides, being all cooped up on account of the cold can lead to some serious wanderlust. So pack a bag, pick a spot on the map, and just drive.

4. Coziest cocktails: Invite friends over and heat up the pot, because the best of this season’s libations are served warm. Think hot toddies, spiced cider cocktails, mulled wine, spiked eggnogg…the list goes on and on. Besides, if you’re planning on going out later, a pre-game that’s focused on warming up before standing out in the cold in line for a club is just plain practical. But really, you might want to stay in, make it a house party, and pour yourself another.

Get some culture: If you want to leave the house, but still be indoors, winter is a good time to do the artsy cultured thing (which is just harder to do in summer when you want to lay out at the beach all day). Find a museum exhibit, photography show at a local gallery, or avant-garde play at the local theater.

6. Pre-New Year’s resolutions: Here’s my advice to you: enjoy every single one of your vices until the glittery ball drops. That vegan-raw yoga $hit you’re planning can wait until January 1.

7. Cold weather creativity: So it’s cold and you’re deep in the wintertime melancholia. Express your wintry angst with a new creative outlet. Pick up an Instax polaroid camera and document random moments of beauty, pick up some paintbrushes and watercolors and express yourself in abstraction, buy a Moleskine and fill it with poetic musings. If creativity doesn’t help, go buy a doughnut. In general, when in doubt, doughnut.

8. Chocolate Chip Heaven: Maybe you currently use your oven for storage a la Carrie on Sex and the City, but when it’s chilly outside, homemade baked treats rival all other forms of happiness. You should really experience your home smelling like freshly baked cookies. Get those tear apart and toss on the baking sheet ones or borrow your little cousin’s Easy Bake – those things have to be foolproof right? Also, did I mention that spiked eggnog is a great substitute for milk?

9. Up your décor game: Just because the cheesy red and green, tinsel and Santas everywhere holiday decorations don’t do it for you doesn’t mean you can’t bring a glam festive air to your space. How though? Two words my friends. String lights and metallics. First of all, I have no idea how to string lights, but I bought two packs, so it’s happening. And black and gold make for rad holiday colors. I for one am just going to spray paint a bunch of things black and gold. I don’t know. Like twigs maybe.

10.   Hibernate the right way: Hibernation is an art. Start with cozy layers and heaps of blankets. Add books, movies, and aforementioned spiked eggnog. Re-watch Elf. Make your way through the classics of French New Wave cinema. Read a classic. Better yet, delve into Alexa Chung’s new book. Oh, what am I kidding, just take a nap.

Check out our Winter Survival Guide for all the things you need to stay stylish and warm during your winter activities.

Peace, Love, and Gluten Free Doughnuts,

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